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What to expect from Myriad Genetic Testing results in McKinney, TX
May 18, 2021 at 7:00 AM
What to expect from Myriad Genetic Testing results in McKinney, TX

Whether you’re planning a family or simply want to get your health in order, Myriad Genetic Testing in McKinney, TX can help you get an insight into what lies ahead for you. At Comprehensive OBGYN, we can provide you with answers from your genetic code. Before we get too far into what you get from genetic testing, let’s talk about what this test is exactly.

What is Myriad Genetic Testing?

It’s been found that as many as 10% of cancers are passed down through your family via your genes. These are known as hereditary cancers and you can learn early if you’re at risk for any of these types of cancers. In order to identify if you’re considered at risk, a blood draw or saliva sample is taken to sequence your DNA. This will provide you and your healthcare professional with information regarding your future risks.

Insight into cancer risks

By getting Myriad Genetic Testing, you learn more about what your genes hold in the way of cancer risks. Part of this is an in-depth family health history to gain a stronger understanding of your risks. Additionally, you can see if there are genetic mutations that put you at a higher risk than others in your family for specific cancers. This allows you to make prevention efforts as well as be on the lookout for signs and symptoms to help with early detection.

Understand hereditary cancer risks

When you get back your test results and find that you’re at risk for specific cancers, it’s normal to feel anger, fear, frustration, among other intense feelings. However, it’s important to understand that because you’re at increased risk for cancer because of your genetic makeup does not mean that you’re guaranteed to develop a specific form of cancer. There are steps that you can take to fight and minimize your risk of cancer. You’ll also meet with a genetic counselor to talk through your risks and gain an understanding of what the information means for you.

Prevention and care plans

Again, keep in mind that someone who is identified as at risk for cancer because of genetic testing will not always get cancer. In fact, not everyone who has a specific identifier will get cancer. The information provided will let you know that those who have that identifier have an increased incidence of cancer.

It’s also important to consider that there are many other factors in addition to genetics that lead to cancer. You can take steps to lower your risk for cancer by doing things that include wearing sunscreen regularly if you’re at risk for melanoma, avoiding contraceptives if you’re at risk for breast or cervical cancers, and other lifestyle factors. You can take control of your future by fighting back against behaviors that contribute to cancers.

Request an appointment

To learn more about Myriad Genetic Testing in McKinney, TX, reach out to our team at Comprehensive OBGYN. We want to help you by providing the best preventative treatment available. The more you know about the potential risks that your genes bring with them the better we can prepare to take action against it. Give us a call at 214-733-8001 to request an appointment at our clinic. You can also use our contact form to request more information about genetic screening. We look forward to providing you with personal and compassionate care.