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Comprehensive’s guide: What is the Mona Lisa Touch procedure?
May 18, 2022 at 7:00 AM
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Age takes a toll on women's bodies. As you get older, things like menopause and childbirth impact vaginal health, which causes discomfort and can even minimize sexual pleasure. Many treatments for this are uncomfortable and come with a host of side effects. Fortunately, the Mona Lisa procedure is revolutionizing vaginal rejuvenation. At Comprehensive OBGYN, we are the premier OBGYN in McKinney, TX, and we administer this innovative procedure. More importantly, we provide tailored, communicative, and complete OBGYN services.

What is the Mona Lisa procedure? Here is our guide:

What is the Mona Lisa Touch procedure, and who needs it?

The Mona Lisa Touch procedure is a minimally-invasive, painless laser treatment for vaginal atrophy that delivers vaginal rejuvenation.

This procedure provides effective relief and often life-changing results. The Mona Lisa Touch is clinically proven to remediate vaginal dryness, vaginal laxity, urinary incontinence, and more. This treatment can also enhance sexual health.

After one treatment, many women experience improvements in dryness, burning, itching, laxity, frequent UTIs, and other symptoms associated with painful sex. With age, women suffer from painful intercourse, sexual dysfunction, vaginal dryness, and burning or urinary incontinence.

These issues are symptomatic of declining estrogen levels, particularly during or after menopause. If you are enduring any of these conditions, the Mona Lisa Touch procedure is a life-changing treatment that offers relief.

If you have questions about the Mona Lisa Touch and if it is right for you, at Comprehensive OBGYN, we have the premier answers and solutions for women like you.

How does the Mona Lisa Touch procedure work?

You may be wondering, What is the Mona Lisa Touch procedure? However, to understand what this treatment is, it is imperative to know how it works.

The MonaLisa Touch procedure delivers laser energy that gently acts on the vaginal tissue. This laser stimulates the production of collagen, which optimizes the functionality of the targeted area, restores crucial trophic balance, and, consequently, produces a healing response.

This procedure delivers a therapy known as fractional CO2 laser therapy and is proven to regenerate vaginal tissue safely and effectively. Moreover, it provides a hormone-free, medication-free, non-surgical, and painless solution for several pelvic health conditions.

If you have more questions about how the Mona Lisa Touch procedure can help you, at Comprehensive OBGYN, we are McKinney’s leading OBGYN solutions provider and resource.

What happens during the Mona Lisa Touch procedure?

When explaining what the Mona Lisa Touch procedure is, we must explain what happens during treatment.

This painless procedure lasts approximately five minutes and requires no anesthesia. A doctor administers treatment at an OBGYN’s office by inserting a small, wand-like probe into the vagina and turning it clockwise and counterclockwise.

This motion delivers laser energy to the vaginal tissue. The laser energy stimulates the formation of new blood vessels while increasing collagen and elastin production. These proteins directly contribute to vaginal tissue strength and elasticity.

Most women can return to their daily routine after treatment since side effects are rare. We recommend abstaining from sex for two or three days. Typically, women receive three treatments every six weeks, and we advise an annual touch-up for optimum benefits.

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If you are experiencing symptoms of vaginal atrophy, it can feel like there is no hope. Even worse, it can feel like all solutions come with side effects that are uncomfortable or worse. Fortunately, the Mona Lisa Touch procedure is revolutionizing vaginal rejuvenation. Now that we have explained what the Mona Lisa procedure is, get started today! At Comprehensive OBGYN, we are McKinney’s most trusted OBGYN. Our passion is helping women feel like their best selves through health and wellness treatments and solutions. Schedule an appointment now to get started!