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The Pros and Cons of the Mona Lisa Touch, according to an OB/GYN
September 22, 2021 at 4:00 AM
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The Mona Lisa Touch procedure is an incredible advancement in vaginal health, and one that has helped revitalize many women in this area of their lives. It’s an excellent treatment for issues which may come as a result of post-menopausal changes, but one that has its pros and cons as any other medical treatment does. To get the best understanding of those points, though, it’s ideal to hear it from a medical professional who specializes in this field of health, such as an OB/GYN.

Comprehensive OB/GYN isn’t just any medical practitioner, though. We’re the first practice to actually offer the MonaLisa Touch procedure, and we thoroughly understand its benefits and side effects from our work with countless patients. We believe strongly in its use as an effective treatment for vaginal health issues, but we also believe it’s best for every patient to understand a procedure like this as thoroughly as possible before making the decision to have it done.

Read on for more information about Mona Lisa Touch pros and cons, as well as how the procedure itself works.

How the procedure works

We explain much of how the Mona Lisa Touch is performed in our FAQ, but to summarize, it’s a laser treatment which revitalizes cells in the vaginal tissue so that these cells produce more collagen. It’s delivered via a probe into the vaginal canal and targets surface and deep tissue with a two-part pulse. It isn’t a one-time procedure; it’s performed three times, six weeks apart, with the entire treatment period taking place over about 12 weeks.

Most patients feel some level of improvement even after the very first treatment, though more significant improvements aren’t likely to appear until later. Annual maintenance should also be expected to see long-lasting results.

The Pros

The benefits of the Mona Lisa Touch ultimately boil down to three points: it’s fast, it’s fairly painless, and results can be felt quickly. Each actual procedure only lasts about five minutes, meaning that while the treatment period each year may take place over about 12 weeks, the total time actually spent receiving the treatment is about 15 minutes. It’s also generally not reported to cause pain for patients, though some discomfort is a possibility.

Former patients have also reported the benefit of a tremendously improved sex life as a result of undergoing the procedure. The vaginal rejuvenation initiated by the treatment allowed them to enjoy sexual activity again, which is more difficult or impossible for a woman suffering from vaginal atrophy. To read more about this particular point, take a look at this article from Medical Daily.

The Cons

Of course, the Mona Lisa Touch isn’t a procedure free of any side effects or concerns, as with nearly any medical treatment. These are important to keep in mind when deciding whether to seek this treatment, as you may find that its benefits don’t outweigh the costs given your personal circumstances.

The cost of the procedure itself is something you’ll need to take into account before deciding to have it done. Though a health savings account can help with this, not everyone has one. If you don’t have this, you’ll be paying for the treatment entirely out-of-pocket. Many medical procedures paid for in this way can prove very expensive for most people, and the Mona Lisa Touch is unlikely to be any different for you. The treatment also isn’t covered by insurance companies, which is another cost factor you should be sure to keep in mind.


Enjoy restored gynecological health with Comprehensive OB/GYN!

The Mona Lisa Touch pros and cons listed here are important details to account for when you decide whether this procedure is right for you, but if you’re looking to enjoy the benefits of excellent vaginal health again, this is likely the treatment you’re looking for. Give us a call at 214-733-8001, contact us through our online form, or visit our patient portal to answer any questions you may have, but be sure not to submit sensitive information through these channels.