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The Importance of Regular Texas OBGYN Checkups for Women's Health
July 19, 2023 at 4:00 AM
The Importance of Regular Texas OBGYN Checkups for Women's Health

It’s no secret that many people avoid going to the doctor, so it’s not surprising that most women generally aren’t too eager for their yearly appointment with their Texas OB/GYN. That’s because there’s a lot of general discomfort that accompanies a physical exam. You might also not be pregnant or have significant health issues and might wonder why you need to visit your gynecologist.

This article will discuss why regular OBGYN checkups are essential for women’s health.

Reasons why you should visit the OB/GYN regularly

The sections below will discuss why you should consider visiting your Texas OB/GYN regularly.

1. Your general health

Just as you visit your doctor regularly for a checkup, you should also take the time to schedule an appointment with your gynecologist to assess your overall health so any issues can be caught early. In these appointments, a clinical breast exam and pelvic exam will likely be performed to ensure you are in good health.

2. Preventative care

Seeing a Texas OB/GYN can help you take measures for preventative care. They can advise you on your diet and exercise and how to stay healthy, so you’re on the right path to better health.

3. Birth control

Life is known for changing quickly. You might think you have a plan for children, or maybe you need birth control immediately to help control your periods.

If birth control hasn’t worked well for you before, you can ask your gynecologist about other methods to help your periods. Methods have become more advanced, and bodies continuously change, so speaking with your gynecologist may be one of the best options available to you to find out what will work best.

4. Menstruation

If you have heavy or extremely painful periods, you shouldn’t have to tolerate them or live in constant pain. You can speak to your Texas OB/GYN about how you can reduce your pain each month. An appointment will let you describe how you’re feeling and help you see if there’s anything they can do to make your life more pain-free.

5. Pain

If you are having pain during sex, it is not normal. You shouldn’t have to struggle with any physical discomfort, so speaking with your OB/GYN is vital to determine what you can do to alleviate this.

In addition, you can ask your gynecologist for advice on how to help get rid of other pain as well. If you’re more fatigued than usual, have painful periods, or have pelvic pain, your gynecologist can suggest solutions or tests for conditions like endometriosis or incontinence.

6. Urinary issues

OB/GYNs can help treat your uterus and any interconnected systems. If you are seeing blood when you urinate or are having trouble relieving yourself, you should consult your gynecologist right away. While it can be difficult or embarrassing to discuss, your Texas OB/GYN doctor is often the best person available who can help you solve the problem and find a solution.

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