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How the MonaLisa Touch Can Prevent Common Issues
October 16, 2022 at 7:00 AM
How the MonaLisa Touch Can Prevent Common Issues

The MonaLisa Touch is a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedure that uses laser beams to resolve pelvic health conditions. This drug-free therapy is quick, with hardly any downtime and is FDA-approved. Read on to find out whether the MonaLisa Touch is right for you.

What is the MonaLisa Touch?

The MonaLisa Touch is a laser treatment involving a small wand-shaped structure inserted into the vagina. The metal structure is turned clockwise and anti-clockwise for several minutes. The laser energy is designed for delicate vaginal tissues and to make minor abrasions on the skin to set off a natural healing process. It helps stimulate collagen production, and new healthy tissues begin to grow. In addition, the level of elastin and hyaluronic acid increases, helping to make tissues more hydrating and elastic.

There are few side effects of the treatments, though a few patients have reported a slight burning sensation, tenderness, or soreness in the treated area.

How long does treatment last?

Each laser treatment typically lasts between five to six minutes. Research shows that it generally takes a minimum of three sessions to experience significant results. But some women notice changes right after the first session. Typically, the three MonaLisa Touch sessions are spread across 18 weeks.

Can I benefit from the MonaLisa Touch?

The MonaLisa Touch can help you if you are suffering from one of the following symptoms:

  • Painful penetration
  • Frequent urinary tract infections (UTIs)
  • Vaginal discomfort
  • Lowered libido
  • Urinary incontinence

Reasons to choose the MonaLisa Touch treatment

You should consider the MonaLisa Touch treatment for several reasons, which we’ll cover in further detail below.

1. Treatment for vaginal atrophy

Vaginal atrophy, also known as atrophic vaginitis, is a condition where a patient experiences vaginal dryness, itching, painful intercourse, and burning sensations. Some patients suffer additional symptoms like UTIs and incontinence. MonaLisa Touch treatment can effectively treat vaginal atrophy as the laser enhances elasticity and strengthens the delicate vaginal tissues.

2. Treating symptoms in cancer patients

The MonaLisa Touch is hormone-free, making it suitable and safe for cancer survivors. Chemotherapy is known to induce early menopause in women, so this treatment can help with any menopausal symptoms cancer survivors may have. It’s also been deemed an effective way of supporting women who have undergone pelvic radiation and breast cancer survivors with hormone issues.

3. Helps control incontinence during menopause

The five to ten years before menopause are often referred to as perimenopause. During perimenopause, the body produces less estrogen, and women go through specific early menopausal symptoms. Some women experience uncontrolled leakage of a few drops of urine, which is referred to as urinary incontinence.

The MonaLisa Touch can help strengthen urogenital structures, helping the delicate tissues around the urethra become better hydrated and stronger.

4. Improving your intimate life

If you frequently have vaginal dryness, itching, or pain during sex, the MonaLisa Touch can be a great way to improve your sexual wellness. The procedure is painless and can reportedly also increase your libido too.

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If you are experiencing symptoms of vaginal atrophy, it can feel like there is no hope. Even worse, it can feel like all solutions come with side effects that are uncomfortable or worse. Fortunately, the Mona Lisa Touch procedure is revolutionizing vaginal rejuvenation. Now that we have explained what the Mona Lisa procedure is, get started today! At Comprehensive OBGYN, we are McKinney’s most trusted OBGYN. Our passion is helping women feel like their best selves through health and wellness treatments and solutions. Schedule an appointment now to get started!