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How Hormone Replacement Therapy for Menopause Can Help You
April 24, 2021 at 9:30 PM
Try hormone replacement therapy for menopause in McKinney, Tx.

Every woman has a unique experience with menopause and takes their own journey to find the right treatment for coping with the symptoms. Menopause can affect women as young as 40 but commonly happens between 45 and 55 as estrogen levels in the body drop. As with any hormonal change, it brings an array of body changes that range from inconvenient and annoying to disruptive.

Luckily, modern medical advancements can reduce the severity of menopause and help you feel more like yourself. If you’re struggling with this new life stage, hormone replacement therapy for menopause in McKinney, TX, might be right for you.

How do I know I’m experiencing menopause?

Menstrual cycle changes are the most common sign of menopause that women first notice. If you’ve had an irregular cycle your entire life, you may not take note of these changes at first. Fluctuations vary depending on the individual and can include:

  • Your period is longer or shorter than usual.
  • You bleed more or less during your period.
  • Your cycle is less regular, with more or less time between periods.

These changes may take some lifestyle adjustment to get used to, but they shouldn’t concern you. However, if you experience any of these symptoms:

  • Your periods come very close together or last more than a week.
  • Your period resumes after more than a year.
  • You have a very heavy flow.

A visit with a doctor will ensure there’s no underlying health concern.

Women often seek treatment for more disruptive symptoms.

While an irregular period is a nuisance, menopause can cause other changes that are far more disruptive. They range from changes in your body to your moods, memory, and libido.

  • Hot flashes and night sweats
  • Vaginal dryness and reduced libido
  • Incontinence and bladder infections
  • Insomnia and disrupted sleep patterns
  • Aches and pains, heart palpitations, and headaches.

There’s no need to suffer through more severe symptoms as your body adapts to changing hormone levels. McKinney area OB/GYNs can help you find a treatment that gets you feeling more like yourself.

Menopause treatments range from holistic to HRT.

If your experience of menopause is milder, you might find that holistic and herbal treatments ease your most disruptive symptoms. There’s no scientific backing to support the efficacy of these natural remedies, but some women find them helpful:

  • Avoiding caffeine and alcohol to reduce hot flashes.
  • Yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises to improve sleep patterns.
  • Flaxseed to lower cholesterol.
  • Black cohosh or soy for night sweats.

While a healthier lifestyle may improve some symptoms, hormone replacement therapy in McKinney, TX, is a proven effective way to return to hormonal balance.

Hormone replacement therapy for menopause is a practical, reliable treatment.

At Comprehensive OB/GYN, we offer two options for HRT for women experiencing menopause.

  • Traditional HRT: replace the estrogen in your body with synthetic compounds in various forms, including pill, patch, gel, and more. They’re available as a systemic and low-dose treatment.
  • Customizable bio-identical HRT: creams and pellets tailor to your unique hormone levels to return you to hormonal balance, eliminating hot flashes and night sweats and re-establishing your energy, focus, and libido.

Just as menopause is different for every woman, so should be available hormonal therapies. Our care providers work with patients to discuss treatment options and find a care plan that works.

Contact Comprehensive OB/GYN in McKinney, TX, to learn more about hormone replacement therapy.

Our compassionate team of providers at Comprehensive OB/GYN understands the physical and emotional toll of menopause. Our patients receive potent Pro-Pell pellets to restore their energy, mental acuity, and libido. If you’re ready to feel like yourself again, hormone replacement therapy in McKinney, TX, can help.

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